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Our collaboration with NILAM, an imitation jewellery brand, was a testament to our expertise in crafting elegant and luxurious brand identities. NILAM sought a branding that exuded sophistication and opulence, perfectly mirroring the essence of its founder. Through meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the brand’s values, we successfully crafted a visual identity that not only reflected the founder’s vision but also resonated with the brand’s target audience.

Beyond creating a captivating logo and curating a fitting colour palette, we delved into the realm of Packaging Design, creating an exquisite and memorable packaging box that would enhance the overall brand experience for NILAM’s customers. We also designed stationery items for the brand, ensuring a consistent and cohesive brand experience at every touch-point.

Jahnvi Rauniyar

Jahnvi Rauniyar

"Right from the beginning, the team at Studio Become was committed to understanding our brand and its vision because of which the outcome was a visually stunning and distinctive brand identity that captured the essence of our brand. We highly recommend Studio Become and are grateful for their efforts in bringing our vision to life."  

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