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MEETHI DORI is a one-stop shop, offering a stunning collection of traditional suits sourced from diverse regions across India. Beginning with an in-depth research and brand strategy process, we helped to define MEETHI DORI’s core beliefs and values, and how they would present themselves in the world. From the very inception, we knew that this brand deserved a name that would capture its essence and resonate with its target audience. Thus, we proudly unveiled the name MEETHI DORI and everyone instantly fell in love with it. It is a beautiful expression of what the brand is all about, with ‘MEETHI’ meaning sweet and ‘DORI’ meaning thread.
Our logo design for MEETHI DORI features four hearts elegantly intertwined with one another, perfectly capturing the essence of the brand. The hearts represent the sweetness that the brand promises to deliver, while the intertwining symbolises the intricate and beautiful weaving of threads in the brand’s collection.

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Nitika Burman

Nitika Burman

"The entire branding process with Studio Become was remarkably smooth. What stood out the most was their receptiveness to feedback. They not only welcomed our input but actively sought it out to ensure that the brand identity perfectly encapsulates the essence of our brand, MEETHI DORI. Thank you, Studio Become!"

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