vandana banaras

Disciplines: Branding

Vandana Banaras is a distinguished name in Banaras in the realm of ladies ethnic wear for half a century. Studio Become was entrusted with the task of creating a logo that captured the essence of Vandana Banaras. We incorporated the Hindi alphabet “वं” in the logomark, which represents the sound “Va”- the first letter of their brand name ‘Vandana Banaras’. The use of Devanagari script is especially significant for a traditional brand situated in Banaras, as it reinforces their roots and adds an element of authenticity to their brand. Furthermore, we artfully integrated Lord Krishna’s flute into the logo mark, as per the client’s desire to incorporate the divine presence of Lord Krishna. This logomark was accompanied by a modern Serif font to signify the brand’s progressive outlook.

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