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It was an honour for Studio Become to collaborate with The Overthinkerz, a brand dedicated to simplifying the fight against mental health issues. We were approached to design the packaging and cards for their latest product, Zen Deck. Zen Deck is a remarkable set of flash cards specifically created to assist users in managing mental health concerns such as overthinking, stress, and anxiety through various exercises. Our team took great care in crafting the packaging and cards, ensuring that the design aligned with The Overthinkerz’s mission and vision. The result was a visually captivating and user-friendly product that provides individuals with a toolkit for creating their own mental well-being routines. We are honoured to have played a role in supporting this important endeavour and are confident that Zen Deck will make a significant impact in helping individuals navigate their mental health journeys.We were

The Overthinkerz
Shubhang Sharma

Shubhang Sharma

"Working with Become Studio was a breeze! Their team was agile, focused on results, and made the process seamless. Despite multiple iterations, they were able to deliver the project quickly and we could get it out in the market. Our vision of Zen Deck would not have been possible without the creative collaboration with Studio Become. They truly push the creative inputs to give limitless outputs."

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